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I have tried to provide an idea of what is available in Kona Dolomite by naming different types and giving a general description. This is in no way intended to cover the huge variety of material available. This will be extended as I have a chance and can catalog more general types of this great Lapidary Material.

Please visit often to see what is available. More images will be posted as time permits.

Click on images for a larger view.

Pansy Kona Dolomite.

Very Limited Supply. New discovery by members of the Bay de Noc Gem & Mineral Club. Thought to be a form of Stromatolite Formation.

$10.00 LB while supplies last.

Moose Blood Crystal Kona Dolomite

Dark Red Dolomite Crystals in a Maroon and Grey Matrix. This color Dolomite Crysal is found nowhere else in the world

$5.00 LB while supplies Last

Breciated Kona Dolomite

There is a variety of this material available with the broken material in many colors and in different color matrixs. This material would make great Spheres and eggs

$4.00 LB while supplies last


Kladioscope Kona Dolomite

Beautiful Pinks and Blues with Grey Lacing and Red Crystal Inclusions.

Bookends are Sold

$5.00 LB while supplies last

Moons Kona Dolomite

Round or oval moon type areas of yellow or orange in a nice chocolate brown.

$4.00 LB while supplies last.

Hematite Included Kona Dolomite

Bright Yellow with Hematite inclusions and lacing.

Very Limited Supply Sold Out

$15.00 LB while supplies last

  Lacy Kona Dolomite

Various colors of Kona with different colors of Lacing. Ask for what is available

$3.00 LB

Crysal Kona Dolomite

Different colors with Crystal Inclusions. Many to choose from. Ask for your preference.

$3.00 LB

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