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"Da Yooper's" Rockhound and Lapidary

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The perfect place for upgrading your collection of minerals is our Mineral Auctions, or, perhaps you are a fossil collector, you then need to check our Fossil Auctions. We have many categories to choose from and many unique items, with new items being posted constantly. Sell those extra cabinet specimen, carvings, lapidary rough, slabs, supplies and jewelry cabs here. Jewelry, Antiques, Collectibles and Crafts may also be posted in their appropriate category.

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Lapidary Equipment

Lapidary & Faceting Rough

Isle Royale Greenstone Rough

Lapidary Supplies

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Reffered by Dayooper

Build Your Own Lapidary Equiptment

Kingsly North Lapidary Equiptment Supplies

Lortone Lapidary Equiotment

Graves Lapidary Equiptment & Supplies

Covington Engineering Lapidary Machines

Raytech Lapidary Equipment


Rockhound Info


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Oldest Antiques On Earth Rocks of Course

"Is This An Agate?"

Finially, an identification guide to Lake Superior Beach Stone. Learn how to tell the semiprecious from the rubble. This is an excellent guide for the experienced or inexperienced Lake Superior beach comber.

American Federation of Mineralogical Societies

Washington State Rockhounding

Rocks & Minerals


Carvings, Spheres, Eggs etc...

Slabbed Material

Cabinet Display Specimen


Huge Precious Opal Oriental Carving
Marble Native American Spirit House

Isle Royale Greenstone
Isle Royale Greenstones In Matrix Heart
Isle Royale Greenstone Lapidary Rough

Kona Dolomite
Beautiful Kona Dolomite Slab
Moose Blood Kona Dolomite

Native Copper
MI Native Copper Specimen

Float Copper
Huge Halfbreed of Native Float Cop

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Da Yooper's eGroup For anyone Interested in Rocks, Fossils etc...

Oldest Antiques On Earth Rocks of Course

Treasures N Troves 100

Da Yooper's Guide to Lake Superior Agates Where to Look

Kona Dolomite Great Material for Carving, Jewelry etc....

Da Yoopers Guide to Michigan Gold Where to find it.

Da Yooper's Guide to Michigan's Native Copper

Bay de Noc Gem & Mineral Club

Tour of New Mexico Geology

A Silver Primer


Cabinet Display Specimen

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Detailed Posting Instructions

Crystallographic Information and Sources

Bob's Rock Shop

Crystal's Defined: What is a Crystal?

Croftlands Crystals -

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We can set you up with your own page with your Auctions in the Top Section just under Categories.   I will add a Category for your Auctions. Just agree to have 25 items in it at all times. I will also set up a Visilink for you to try for 1 month. (See above.) Visilinks will be auctioned off to the highest bidders eventually.

Visi-Links will allow you to change Featured items anytime you wish from Your Home Page to as many Auction access pages as we promote. These Visi-Links will be Auctioned off after each category has more than one Dealer. Join now and get yours.


"Da Yooper"

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