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Michigan Gold

Gold, a Michigan mineral has been found throughout Michigan. Michigan's Old Gold mines and prospects, long forgotten by many of the locals, exist in many counties. Placer mining was done in almost every county in Michigan, in most cases without finding paying quantities of the mineral Gold. Marquette County has many old hardrock prospects and some were paying mines. The most famous was the Ropes Gold Mine, of which much has been written. There are stories of lost mines and locations as well as rumors that there are some people in the Upper Peninsula making a living today from their secret locations. Such is the Romance of Gold.

Bear in mind that many of the Michigan Gold prospects and Gold mines were only scams to depart the unwary and greedy from their money. Mines and Placers were salted and the gullible were soon fleeced. Trying to seperate the facts from the fiction at this late date is almost impossible.

I often have visiters to the shop asking questions and telling me stories. I try to record them and will post them to this site as I hear them. If you have any stories you wish to share, please send them to Da Yooper.

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2 Gold nuggets from the Ropes Gold mine in Marquette County, Michigan.

The Larger is a gold nugget from Rich Hill, Webster, Arizona North of Wickenberg.


Ropes Gold Mine Image

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Sites and prospects in Michigan I know of or have heard of.

1. Old Gold mines marked on old County Map of Delta County

  1. Ogontz River near Cemetary just south of U.S. 2. (Placer?)
  2. East of Garden, Mi.. there was an old Gold Mine. Inquire locally. (Hard Rock Mine)

2. Ford River, North of Ralph, MI (Placer)

3. Little Pup. Tributary of Yellow Dog River (Author has found placer gold)

4. Dickinson County, Active mine, Location unknown, I have specimen of a very heavy clay type soft Hematite with gold from one of the owners. Gold can often be seen with the eye when fresh sawn.

5. Lake Superior shores. Along the shore of Lake Superior west of the Huron Mountains and East of Grand Marais

I have heard of gold being found on the Menoninee River, the Slate River, the Huron and Little Huron Rivers.


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From David Payant AKA MadDog
There are gold deposits in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Marquette County has one closed mine, Roper's, located north of the City of Ishpeming. Allegedly, there are gold bearing formations near Rocking Chair Lakes, near the Mulligan Plains. The Longyear Corporation tried to block making a wilderness area there because they claim it has potential for a big gold strike. I have heard of placer gold in Bushy Creek, a tributary of the the Yellow Dog River. Placer gold has been found in the Yellow Dog Plains, south of the AAA road. The Marquette County Planning Department has a map of the sites. Two failed mines are locate off Gold Mine Road. The road starts at the ghost town of Birch which is on County Road 550. I have located one of the these mines and a test pit. Allegedly, the gold is found in association with silver and copper. There is a legend about two lost silver deposits. One was found by an old prospector who showed the nuggets to several people and then died in a fire in a L'anse boarding house. He claimed the find was from the Huron Mountains. Another deposit was found near the Holyoke Mine (silver), north of the Dead River. That deposit was simply lost and the prospector forgot how to go back to the site.

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Da Yooper's Prospecting, Metal Detector Buffs, Rockhounds, Fossil Hunters, Treasure Hunters, and All Lapidary Friends a place to swap Stories, Locations, Field Trips, Information, Finds, Methods and Friendship.  


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