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Da Yooper's Rockhound's Guide to Michigan's

Polished Copper Specimen


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The greatest Native Copper Ore Deposits ever found anywhere in the world and mined profitably were those of the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The Michigan Native Copper mineral deposit occurs in a belt about 110 miles long with a average width of around 10 miles. The Copper mineral occurs in amygadaloids, conglomerates and fissures, and has been found in size from microscopic grains to very large masses (Mass Copper) of up to around 1,200,000 pounds. Float Copper is found in mass throughout the midwest and was deposited by the glaciers that moved the Copper masses from the Michigan Copper Country. Native Copper sometimes has Silver Inclusions and is locally called a Halfbreed. Native Copper has been classified into 14 different Copper forms of occurance and can occur in 6 Copper crystal habits.

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Native Copper as an ore mineral is very rare throughout the world, although minor occurences of the mineral are widespread. The aggregate form of copper is highly variable and a number of distinctive types have been recognized:. (A specimen of each will be posted as I have time to photograph and post it. Just click on each to see an example.)

1. Grains, Blebs, Pellets,Masses. Anhedral to subhedral.

2 .Masses. The larger pieces commonly are very irregular with hackly appearance.

3. Crystals and crystal groups.

4. Networks. Interconnecting irregular veinlets, sheets, plates and aggregates.

5. Thin sheets. Formed particularly in thin fissures.

6. Filiform or wire.

7. Arborescent. Three dimensional fern like groups. Some variants are called moss copper.

8. Leaf. Dendritic aggregates flattened in one plain. Example #2

9. Brick. Massive, replacing red amygdaloid.

10. Shell. Moulds of boulders and cobbles. Also called skull copper

11. Shot. Coarse powder.

12. Spike. Also called copper nails .

13. Pseudomorphs. Replacement of felspar, barite, calcite crystals and boulders.

14. Halfbreed. Irregular intergrown masses of copper and silver.


1. Cube

2. Dodecahedron\par

3. Octahedron

4. Tetrahexahedrons (most common)

5. Trisoctahedrons

6. Hexoctahedrons \


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Cuprite Coated Copper
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Metaphysical Properties

People interested in metaphysics and CRYSTAL HEALING tell us that copper is effective in COMBATING LETHARGY, plus helping overcome passivity, restlessness, excitability, and non-acceptance. It can STIMULATE INITIATIVE , optimism and diplomacy, and conveys the message that there is no need to search for love in life. It emits a PHILOSPHIC ENERGY, free of orthodoxy and bias. Copper provides a HARMONIC CONNECTION between the physical and astral bodies and aligns the subtle bodies. It has been used to amplify and TRANSMIT THOUGHT. It is said to be a BESTOWER OF GOOD, bringing benefit and "luck" to the user.

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