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Da Yooper's Rockhound and Lapidary Guide to Unakite Da Yooper's Rockhound and Lapidary Guide to



First discovered in America, in the Unakas mountains of North Carolina, ( Thus the name Unakite) Unakite is a Granite composed of Quartz, Felspar & Epidote. It will occur in various shades of Green and Pink and is usually mottled in appearance. In good quality Unakite is considered a semiprecious stone, will take a good polish and is often used in Jewelry and other Lapidary work such as Eggs, Spheres, and Carvings.

In Michigan it is found often in the beach rock on the shores of Lake Superior. I know of one deposit off the road between Delaware and Eagle Harbor where it is weathering out of a hillside. (Look for Pole #42 and take the road to the East. Follow it until you see a T in the road ahead. Look on the sides of the road as you are coming down the hill before the T and you will see it weathering out of the sides of the road. I am sure there are others deposits yet to be found.

Unakite is The State Stone of Virginia, where it is found in the river valleys after having been washed down from the Blue Ridge Mountains.


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