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The Ultimate Link Multiplier

The links that are exchanged between sites with similar or related interests are the most effective way of Advertising on the Internet today.

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You most likely entered this page from the top link in the featured category. Browse the links below as they should be to other similar sites.

Browse the other categories of interst by clicking on the categories in the table below.

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Why Join?

Have you tried to find anything with a search engine lately?
By the Time you have searched the 10 postings of the first company and then the 7 to 10 postings for the next company, kind of shake your head and give it up. (At Least I Do.)

Or. have you tried to post to a Search Engine Lately?
It can take up to 3 months to get listed? Where are you listed, Page 18? Not too bad really, but, Search Engines are only good for the very few companies that can afford the time and/or expertise of acheiving the top few positions. It is estimated that most people only look at the 1st 3 pages in a search engine. (About 30 Posts) How many people will see you on page 18?

Have you Listed your site to a FREE FOR ALL Link Site Lately?
Wow, I received 350 Autoresponder Replies all trying to get me to look at their offers and products. My mail box is running over. where do I find the time to read all those messages and still get any productive work done. But my counter on the site I listed, NOTHING. Oh Well, I Tried.

Or, perhaps you tried Blasting to the thousands of safelists with their millions of members.

You know... Blast your message to 6o million buyers a day..... Tried that and got "0" results. But my mailbox is overflowing with spam.

Is there a better way to promote?

I Think So

See if you agree with me.

The links that are exchanged between sites with similar or related interests are the most effective way of Advertising on the Internet today.

Whether these links be in the form of banners or just exchanging URL addresses, they are still the best source of traffic interested in what we have to offer.........

So, we have decided to try to promote the exchange of links in a different manner.........

When you join the Rot-a-Links Program and use the Rot-a-Links Pages for your sites Links, you will be multiplying those links and eventually you will be linked with many thousands of other sites that are related in interest.........

We have set up this Program so control of the links is monitered by providing a Rot-a-Links Page for each individual site..........

To join You need to ;

1. Provide A Link from your site to Your Rot-a-Links Page......

2. A Site or Project you wish to promote from your Rot-a-Links Page.......

How The Rot-a-Links Site Works:

When a visitor visits your Rot-a-Links site and joins the program, their link is installed at the top of the list of links under their chosen category and the bottom Link is removed. There will be a constant total of 20 links in each category on each Rot-a-Links page. This has the effect of moving the links to the bottom of the list of links in that category and eventually off the page

Visitors who visit your Rot-a-Links page are most likely interested in information from the category that your link is in and if they join will eventually move your link down the category list. You will have a link on their Rot-a-Links Page and on every Rot-a-Links Page joined by their visitors.

If your site provided only 2 new links before your link rotates off your category you would be on a minimum of 2 Million Rot-a-Links Pages all with links to your Site. 

OK, but there are 18 Categories and they are all connected to your website.

You will never have to submit again.


You can continue wasting your time Submitting to Search Engines, Directories, eMail Blasters and FFAs, and playing the Autoresponder Tag Game, when you could be spending your time more productively.


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Below is a list of Links of which mine is the top Link in the category. Please consider joining Rot-a-links as you will appear on hundreds of these Rot-a-Links Pages as your Link is rotated from the top Link to the bottom link of your chosen category.


Your link can appear in the Top position of the category above and rotate to the bottom. Link pages are Free when you have a link from your site.

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The Ultimate Links Multiplier
  • Any 2, $20.00/yr.

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