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Dayooper presents a

Float Copper Half Breed

Approximately 83 Pounds of Silver Included Native Float Copper

Note the two large deep glacial scrape marks and the great patina. The white (Silver) is sprinkled throughout the specimen.

The upper third of the image has been bent up part way. This is a thick specimen, can you imagine the pressure necessary to accompolish this. It also gives the specimen character and allows better viewing.

Although the bottom has not been cleaned well, some Silver Inclusions are visible.

Can you see the mare and colt at the top of the specimen?

Scan down for detailed pictures of some of the Silver inclusions.

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The entire specimen has Silver inclusions, many not visible in the image above.

For example, I have taken a close up of the lower left corner of the specimen and as you can see by the Silver specks and streaks there is a lot of Silver showing in just this corner. If you look at the top and center of the image you will see many more, especialy near the center if the specimen. See image below

In this image we are pointing out a dendretic crystal growth of Silver on the Copper. Very unusual!!

Check the Last picture for a close up of these Silver Crystals

Dendretic Silver Crystals in float Copper

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