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Da Yooper's Guide to Michigan's Rocks, Minerals & Fossils Da Yooper's guide to Michigan's
Kona Dolomite Slab with Maroon Felspar Crystals

Rocks, Minerals & Fossils

A RARE Fossilized Worm in Petrified Wood

Rocks and the Fossils in them, are without doubt, The Oldest Antiques On Earth, and to many people the most interesting of subjects to collect, study and invest in. DaYooper invites you to explore the Michigan rocks, Michigan minerals and Michigan fossils which include some of the oldest available on Earth. The majority of rocks in Michigan were formed from marine sediments and are often rich in marine fossil specimen. In fact, Michigan's State Stone is a fossilized coral from the Devonian Era called the Petoskey Stone.

Unique and Beautiful, Michigan's State Gem, The Isle Royal Greenstone is an example of a relatively rare and unknown semiprecious gemstone that is becoming more in demand as the public becomes aware of it's unique beauty.

What is believed to be the first and oldest life on earth was a blue green algae and is found in a fossilized strata called Stromatolites. Stromatolites occur in some areas of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and often are Billions of years old.

Native Copper in it's many forms including crystals, Native Silver, Thomsonites, Kona Dolomite, Gold, Lake Superior Agates and many more rocks & minerals are found here.

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Some Keweenaw Locations

Central Mine
Cliff Mine
Ojibway Mine
Phoenix Mine
LaSalle Mine

Very Rare Kona Dolomite
Very Rare Kona Dolomite Type

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The Oldest Antiques On Earth

The Oldest Antiques On Earth

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The Oldest Antiques on Earth
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