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Da Yooper's Rockhounds Guide to

Michigan Diamonds

Diamonds in Michigan, yes, but, where, what quality, size and quantity? So far about 20 locations have been found and explored. However no commercially significant discovery has been made. The most well known location is the Lake Ellen exploration North East of Crystal Falls, Michigan

The majority of the possible Diamond bearing strata ocurr in a line from Crystal Falls East to Hermansville./Powers area. It is my privlige to be aquainted with Shawn Carlson, a geologist involved in the Diamond Explorations of the U. P. in the recent past. Shawn has suggested that no significent commercial discoveries have been made to date. No diamonds have been found in quantity, or larger than 1mm in the explorations.

However, the Lake Ellen location does have Ruby-Red Pyrope Garnets, and Magnesium Ilmenite of gem quality. I have found 1 inch, and one half inch Garnets as well as many smaller ones. Some of them are of fantastic color. The Hermansville location yielded beautiful Peridot from the drill core. However, this location is under water and not available to the rockhound.

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Michigan Kimberlite Locations

A large Diamond 10.875 carats, known as the Dowagiac diamond was found near the Indiana Border, in a glacerial moraine.

A number of Diamonds have been found in the glacial till of Wisconsin and it is believed that they were brought down from Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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1/2 Lb of Kimberlite gravel from Lake Ellen Location for panning, price includes shipping.

See below for minerals.


Lake Ellen Kimberlite
with gems

Very large image with detail

Primary Minerals

What to look for? See below.

Possible, but not probable.

Ruby-Red Pyrope Garnet

IllminiteMagnesium Ilmenite

Olivine -Peridot
Site 73 Hermansville, MI


Microscopic Apatite


Secondary Minerals





Microscopic Millerite

Lake Ellen Kimberlite Location

Shawn Carlson and Forest Lever having a serious discussion.

Lake Ellen Kimberlite Location

Bay de Noc Gem & Mineral Club members looking it over.

Detailed Map and Directions available $2.00.

2005 Field Trips

to the Lake Ellen Location.
Da Yooper to obtain information.

Peridote Garnet from Site 73. Hermansville, MI


Morphology of Kimberlite

Kimberlite Indicator Minerals

Garnet Mineral Information