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Lake Tumbled Unpolished Petoskey Stones

Michigan's Petoskey Stones

Michigan's Official State Stone

The Petoskey Stone is a Six Sided Fossil Colony Coral (Hexagonaria percarinata) found along the beaches and in the fields and quarries of the Northern counties (Charlevoix, Emmet, Cheboygan, Presque Isle and Alpena Counties) of The Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Fossil hunters look for Petoskey Stones that have been weathered out of the Devonian reef limestone (Traverse Group) bedrock and dispursed by the Pleistocene glacerial and water action. The Michigan State Stone as normally found by rockhounds are smooth well worn pebbles and stones that have been rounded by glacerial and wave action. The fossil coral colony shows up in a pleasing turtle back pattern when wet or polished and rockhounding for Petoskey Stone is very popular.

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The primary mineral that makes up the fossil Colony Coral of a Petoskey Stone is Calcite. Petoskey Stones make excellent worry stones, paper weights and conversation pieces. Being Calcite, they are quite easily carved and the calcite will often allow the specimen to take a good polish and show the characteristics of the coral formation of the Michigan State Stone as shown in the background of this page.

A few of the items crafted from Petosky Stones often found include Drawer Pulls, Tiles, Door Knobs, Boxes, Carvings, Spheres, Eggs, Hearts, Jewelry and Souvenirs.


Please check our "Current Auctions" for Petoskey Stones and Items Handcrafted from our Michigan State Stone, the Petoskey Stone.

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Name another Semiprecious Gemstone found on the beaches and in the ridges of the Lake Superior area.

Ancient, Prehistoric People mined what mineral found in Michigans Keweenaw Peninsula.

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