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The Oldest Antiques on Earth Da Yooper's guide to

The Oldest Antiques on Earth

Rocks, and the Fossils in them, are without doubt, the oldest antiques on earth, and to many people the most interesting of subjects to collect, study and invest in. This site will explore the rocks and fossils available from the State of Michigan and other areas. The majority of rocks in Michigan were formed from marine sediments and are often rich in marine fossil specimen.

What is believed to be the first and oldest life on earth was blue green algae and is found in a fossilized strata called Stromatolites that occur in some areas of the Upper Peninsula.In fact, Michigan's State Stone is a fossilized coral from the Devonian Era called the
Petoskey Stone.

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Michigan Fossils
Petoskey Stones
(Michigan"s State Stone)
Stonington Formation Fossils
Trenton Series Fossils

Rocks & Minerals

Isle Royal Greenstone
(Michigan's State Gem)
Kona Dolomite
Lake Superior Agates
Native Copper
Some properties of Stones

Misc. Natural & Crafted
or other areas.

Driftwood Fantasies
SemiPrecious Gemstone Jewelry
Thunder Eggs
Bay de Noc Gem & Mineral Club
Copper Culture

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Enjoy my Photo Album of Michigan's Copper Country Mineral Specimens
Rare Copper Country Specimen 

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83# Float Halfbreed

Page added for semiprecious gemstone jewelry

Bay de Noc Gem and Mineral Club
(My local club) has just entered cyberspace.

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I have put a number of views online.

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Site Updates

Updated Thompsonite Page. Some of the largest Thompsonites I have seen are shown.

Update on the Isle Royale Greenstone Page with a number of new specimen shown. Some for sale.

Update on Stromatolite Formations Page with some very large Museum Quality Specimen Shown

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