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The Oldest Antiques on Earth Da Yooper's guide to

Unique Treasures of Michigan

Natural & Crafted, Each Unique & One of a Kind, including Rocks, Minerals, & Fossils, Natural Wood Items, and Unique One of a Kind, Hand Crafted Items.

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Michigan Fossils
Petoskey Stones
(Michigan"s State Stone)
Stonington Formation Fossils
Trenton Series Fossils

Rocks & Minerals

Isle Royal Greenstone
(Michigan's State Gem)
Kona Dolomite
Lake Superior Agates
Native Copper
Some properties of Stones

Misc. Natural & Crafted
or other areas.

Birch Bark Rustic Items
Thunder Eggs
Copper Culture

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The Oldest Antiques on Earth
P.O. Box 364
7946 U.S. Hwy 2
Rapid River, MI 49878
Where the Hwy crosses the Rapid River.
Open Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon. May 15 to June 30. Daily, July & Aug., Other times by Chance. Email
Dayooper if you want to be sure of any particular time.

Enjoy my Photo Album of Michigan's Copper Country Mineral Specimens
Rare Copper Country Specimen 


What's New?

Page on Thompsonite posted, pictures coming. Locations and what to look for included.

Page on Isle Royale Greenstone Updated. Locations and what to look for included.

Pages on Native Copper Updated and a number of specimen included for
your viewing pleasure. Copper in Calcite and Copper in Prehnite Specimen
that are excellent.

97LB Agate Images for your viewing.

Location for Ledge Agates added to Lake Superior Agate Page.

New items Posted to Auction

Native Copper Specimen
Lake Superior Agates
Kona Dolomite Specimen

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Take a Rock Collectors Tour of the "Copper Country".


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